High-Tech Sprinkler Repair in Grand Prairie, TX

Stopping High Water Bills in Their Tracks

a broken pop up head is just ne reason to call Grand Prairie Irrigation RepairOne of the hardest things for a traditional repair tech to diagnose and repair is an underground leak. These sneaky problems can start spinning your water meter faster than a windmill in a tornado. This will make your water bill spike for no apparent reason. Our Grand Prairie irrigation repair team is equipped with the latest electronic leak detection equipment to help zero in broken delivery lines and damaged head connections. Because we find them fast, we can fix them fast. There will be no need to dig up hundreds of feet of sprinkler pipe and leave your yard looking like the hot new gopher vacation destination.

In addition to electronic leak detection, our team has some of the latest water pressure sensors on the market. The one major problem that pop-up heads have is the inability to maintain a consistent water pressure for a long period of time. With our equipment we can quickly reset the water pressure on each individual head without having to use a system wide tester.

Our Grand Prairie Irrigation Repair Team Relies on High-Tech Equipment

every Grand Prairie Irrigation Repair tech has a fully stocked truckHi-Tech equipment isn't just fancy electronics with digital displays, sometimes it's just the right tool for the right job, like in the case of the Hunter universal head adjustment key. While it isn't a laser cut titanium key that doubles as a rescue mirror, it is a key that can be used to make minor adjustments on every Hunter sprinkler head in existence.

Our Grand Prairie irrigation repair techs bring all of these pieces of equipment with them on the truck as well as our favorite piece of new tech – the mini trencher. This tool takes the backbreaking digging out of the equation so our techs are just as fresh at the end of an 8 hour shift as they were on the first stop.

Call us today to get a top-notch repair tech armed with the latest equipment to your door, and get your system fixed now!