Grand Prairie Irrigation Repair & Installation

Where Service is Still Job #1

the Grand Prairie Sprinkler Repair team installs a new underground lineService is an art. How many times have you stood in line at the grocery store while the cashier is chatting away with someone instead of actually doing her job? What about the customer service reps on the phone that can't actually help you with anything but keep transferring you around anyway? Or what about the ones that flat out lie to you to keep you happy only for you to find out sometime later that what they said wasn't true. We've been there with you and it's made us take our service seriously. That's why Grand Prairie sprinkler repair focuses on you and the needs of your system instead of trying to sell you the latest whiz-bang (or worse yet: whatever makes us the highest margins, regardless of whether or not it's right for your needs.)

We're not here to make a quick dollar or two in the short term, only to leave you high and dry. We're here to deliver the best service at the lowest price possible, every time, because we want to be the only name you'd even consider calling for sprinkler repair in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Commercial and Residential Sprinkler Repair in Grand Prairie

we add decorative and interactive sprinklers in Grand PrairieThere has been some confusion in the past if we handle large scale systems since we are a rather small company. Rest assured, we do both residential and commercial sprinkler repair service. We have the tools and technical skills to handle even the largest corporate irrigation systems. On the other end of things, we do small systems to. If you have an herb garden or small planting bed we can design a micro system that performs just like a full size system, only smaller.

We Can Handle 100% Of Your Sprinkler Repair & Installation Needs

a sprinkler repair tech checks the connections for a sprinker system
  • Head repair and replacement
  • Sprinkler nozzle repair
  • Subterranean leak repair
  • Valve box replacement
  • Valve repair & replacement
  • Valve and timer rewiring
  • Main line connects & leaks
  • Coverage issue repairs
  • Spray pattern adjustment
  • Water usage audits
  • Bubbler replacement
  • Riser additions
  • blow-outs and turn-ons
  • Drip line installation and repair
  • Rezoning and zone additions
  • Zone control valve service
  • Controller troubleshooting and replacement
  • Backflow repair and servicing
  • Timer setting
  • And More